Staff and Board of Advisors 

Missions Fest Lancaster


/files/images/Missions Fest Images/JohnFBush.jpgExecutive Director - John Bush - email

/files/images/Missions Fest Images/julie.jpgEvent Coordinator - Julie Iddings - email

/files/images/Missions Fest Images/doris.jpgChurch Promotions Coordinator- Doris Dagen- email

/files/images/Missions Fest Images/alex.jpgChurch Promotions Coordinator- Alex Turoczi- email

/files/images/jean.jpgVolunteer Coordinator- Jean Hassel- email


Board of Advisors /files/images/Board 2011 sm.jpg

Chairman - Jim Wall (pictured 2nd from the right) (Harvest Presbyterian Church, Lancaster)

Treasurer- Duane Tice (far right) (Garden Spot Village Church, New Holland)

Vice Chairman- Charlie Kreider (not pictured) (Community Bible Church, Marietta)

Executive Director- John Bush (far left) (Calvary Church, Lancaster)

Bill Snyder (2nd to the left) (Millersville Bible Church, Millersville)

Dave Herlan (not pictured)(Pine Grove Church, Bowmansville)

Rev. Glenn Schwartz (pictured third from the left) (Manor Church, Lancaster)